If the brain is so important clinically, why is it so hard to measure in the clinic?

Our knowledge of the brain and how it can be affected by illness is growing rapidly, yet the tools that allow us to measure brain activity remain limited to devices that are either inaccurate and tedious, or too large and expensive. Clinicians need something fast, accessible and accurate to provide information that is clinically relevant.

Axem Neurotechnology is on a mission to meet this need, and empower people with information about their brain and improve their lives. Our first product, the Axem Pro*, is designed for rehabilitation professionals who work with people to improve their mobility.†

Meet the Team

Tony Ingram


Physical therapist, published neuroscience researcher, and previously an award winning dance company co-founder.

Chris Friesen

Co-Founder & CTO

Ph.D. Neuroscience candidate, published researcher in brain-computer-interface, and writer.

Eric Hamilton

Electrical Lead

B.Eng. Electrical Engineering, multi-lingual lover of science, reason, culture and music.

Mike Lawrence, PhD

Co-Founder & Lead Scientist

Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, published author in cognitive science and statistics, data scientist, and proud dad.

Karl Leuschen

Software Lead

Full stack developer with a special interest in using software to solve life science problems.

Megan Smith

Mechanical Lead

B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering, EIT. Innovator and artist with a passion for using modern technology to improve health care outcomes.

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